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Women Voice Empowerment

Conducted two days of refresher training for ten PACHEDO staff on Gender, Equity and Diversity (GED), leadership civic values, life skills , community advocacy and activism processes.

Two competent trainers were selected and supported to provide a two-day refresher training for ten PACHEDO staff (6 women and 4 men) comprising project staff and PACHEDO management as planned in the project. Through various participatory and interactive training methodologies such as role plays, brain storming, and experience sharing, the staff were taken through GED, leadership and civic values, life skills, community advocacy and activism processes. With a lot emphasis on Gender and empowerment frame work, gender institutions and structures-role of traditional and modern media, gender dimensions of access to and control of resources, pressure and privileges  of being a man and women, unfolding personal stories and experiences of gender discrimination in access to productive resource and basic services such as health and education. The life skills covered included communication and interpersonal skills, decision making and problem solving, resilience, creative and critical thinking, self-awareness and empathy, assertiveness and self-control, positive coping, facilitation, peace & conflict management  

Through their active participation and skills gained, they exhibited empowered with improved self-esteem and renewed knowledge, skills and required gender sensitive attitudes that helped them to appreciate gender equality and diversity, life skills which they appreciated and demonstrated during the training and subsequently roll out to the Women Rights Advocacy Groups (WRAGS) and Role Model Men (RMM).Plans on Gender mainstreaming in PACHEDO and during the project implementation such as staff to include male in their mobilisation for activities in the general sensitisation activities, the language they use should be gender sensitive. 

  • Conducted 2days TOT Training for 450 members of WRAGs and 30 RMM on GED, women leadership and governance.

During this reporting period, a 2days TOT training was conducted in the 18 WRAGS’s groups by a team of PACHEDO trained staff (Project Coordinator, Project officer protection and Economic Empowerment). The trainings took place from 23rd May 2023 to 7th June 2023 and were attended by a total of 485 participants of which 410 women were members of the WRAGS and 75Role Model Men. 

While preparing WRAGS as community based peer facilitators, the participants were walked through GED-Gender, Equity and Diversity concepts and its’ application, leadership &civic values, life skills relevant for them to build esteem and attitudes, good communication and facilitation skills to engage men, community leaders and stakeholders, gender sensitive attitudes necessary to promote GED, co-existence with men and boldly demand for their basic rights to productive resources,  enjoy basic services to education, health and participate in governance and government development programmes free of exploitation and abuse/violence.At the end of the training, WRAGs and RMM were therefore able to demonstrate gender sensitive attitudes and knowledge and ability to facilitate community policy advocacy engagements, promote women rights activism for positive social change in norms and practices which they were able to demonstrate and practice during the trainings.

Conducted two days training for 450 members of WRAGs and 30 RMM on women basic human rights and legal instruments as provided in CEDAW, constitution of Uganda, land policies polices and resolutions that protect women’s rights.

As a roll out strategy for capacity building and empowerment of the marginalised women (right holders) targeted by the project, PACHEDO project coordinator and the two project officers (Protection and Economic Empowerment) organised 2 days training for the 18 Women Rights Advocacy groups (WRAGS) including the 30 Role Model Men in their 5 respective project parishes of Bungatira sub county from the 8th of June 2023 to 23rd of June 2023. Particularly on women basic human rights and legal instruments universally recommended for the protection of women rights e.g. CEDAW, constitution of Uganda, land policies and resolutions that protect women’s rights. These were attended by a total of 495 participants comprised of 407 WRAGS and 88 Role Model Men (constituting 90.4% attendance of WRAGS and over 200% of the Role Model Men). The training started with the pretest that showed less that 15% of the participants had little knowledge that women actually had rights and according to them women were property of men once the man paid dowry and bride price. This activity made the members to realise that both men and women were equal before the law and with similar rights especially in access and utilisation of land, finances and basic services such as health, education and participation in governance, government development programmes. They were also made aware that women could actually own land in Uganda and in their community either individually or as a group and do engage in the same level of


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