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NILE Project

PACHEDO, in collaboration with Network for Action against Malnutrition (NAM) are implementing a mult-year Nutrition Improvement and Livelihood Empowerment Project in the two refugee settlements of Ayilo 1 and 2 and two host communities of Pakele and Dzaipi in Ajumani District. This project addresses critical issues in both refugee and host communities across the district.

Objectives of the Meeting:

The inception workshop held on 16/11/2023 aimed to:

  1. Clarify project goals, objectives, activities, and outcomes.
  2. Establish synergies with stakeholders and implementing partners.
  3. Engage key stakeholders from the project’s outset for a conducive implementation environment.
  4. Illuminate the primary beneficiaries of the project.


The workshop utilized presentations, panel discussions, and Q&A sessions, fostering active engagement among the 40 participants. The agenda and key ideas were documented for future reference.

Workshop Proceedings:

Session One: Background of the Partners and Project

The project coordinator, Mr. Koichiro, highlighted PACHEDO and NAM’s history, linking the project to challenges faced by refugees. He emphasized the dual focus on nutrition and livelihood components targeting specific demographics in Ayilo 1 and 2.

Session Two: Welcome Remark by Representative of CAO

Mr. Gulam Abobakar welcomed stakeholders, urging collaboration for project success, expressing gratitude to JICA, and pledging full support.

Session Three: Speech from JICA

The JICA director emphasized their commitment to improving nutrition and livelihood in West Nile, highlighting past projects in Adjumani district and advocating for continued support.

Session Four: Presentation of Project Objectives, Results, and Cross-Cutting Issues

Mr. Koichiro outlined project goals and objectives, emphasizing the project’s focus on reducing malnutrition and implementing the Lancet framework. Specific objectives and cross-cutting issues were presented by Mrs. Yume Nomoto and Mr. Martine.

Session Five: Reaction and Discussions

Participants raised questions on target demographics, male inclusion, mental health, and coordination. Suggestions included integrating mental health, sharing baseline survey tools, and coordinating activities to avoid duplication.

Session Six: Speech from OPM, RDC

Representatives from OPM and RDC pledged support, emphasizing adherence to quality implementation and alignment with refugee policies.


The LCV secretary, Mrs. Hayat Shifa, urged equal distribution of benefits between host and refugee communities, emphasizing the need for effective government sector representation and monitoring. The meeting concluded with a prayer from the chairman of PACHEDO.


This project focused at increasing the knowledge and adoption of Essential Nutrition Actions (ENA) and Maternal Infant Young Child Adolescent Nutrition (MIYCAN) among PLW, adolescents, and caregivers. Additionally, the project aims to ensure sustained access to nutrient-dense foods within care group households