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Project Five:Reduced
acceptance of GBV

A total of 58 SASA activists and27 local leaders were supported during the course of the quarter. The 15 institutional allies have just been trained on SASA Set up and Startup phases and they have started their engagements mostly on the dangers of violence against women and why it is everyone’s responsibility to end it.The monthly check-in has greatly improved the capacity of the structures and there is a big change in the way they are engaging with the community members.

A SASA activist from Pece division, Pawel Pudyek village called Ataro Brenda testified that before she used to fear talking to her community members but due to the mentorship support provided by the project officers has made great change and now she can confidently talk to the members about the importance of sharing roles and balancing power positively.

A total of 15 (F=11, M=4) institutional allies from Acholi Cultural Institution-Ker Kal Kwaro were trained on SASA Set up and Start phases to equip them with skills on creating awareness about the dangers of power imbalances in homes and communities. The intention of the training was to enable the alliesto engage in GBV prevention and responsive strategies at a convenient time especially when communities come to them to resolve clan and family issues. As a cultural institution the project aims at transforming their attitudes, perceptions, behaviours, norms and practices that promote gender inequality and GBV. The institutional allies also appreciated the 4 thematic areas that are being implemented by CARE in partnership with PACHEDO. He also said that they are very thankful and feel fortunate to have been chosen by CARE and PACHEDO as the institutions to work with.


We seek societies where all communities enjoy healthy, secure, productive lives and
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