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Message From PACHEDO President

Dear colleagues and our PACHEDO esteemed Secretariat, Board of Directors and Donors. It is yet another milestone in PACHEDO’s record written once again to cross to yet another 12th year 2024, a year of productive work and support to the needy communities that defined our focus for the next over five years. We must be proud of what our Lord has done again.


Our esteemed donors and friends such as Eleanor Crook Foundation-Willy, Mom Eleanor and her technical team, FHA leadership and technical team, OXFARM, Street Child International you gave us strength and reason to live. You provided us with resources, both financial and inkind, unconditional support, guidance and you will remain our treasured partner. It is our prayer that you continue to demonstrate the same and uplift PACHEDO to great heights not only in financial support but systems that will communicate, reward and uplift the growth of the organization as formidable partners.

May our good Lord continue to bless your contributions towards the very many years PACHEDO is yet to live and support our disadvantaged sisters and brothers faced with conflicts, disasters, climate change struggles, poverty, etc. Our collaborations and efforts will not be in vain but will be rewarded by God. Many thanks for all your contributions.

Yours Sincerely,
Omali Simon Peter
President, PACHEDO Secretariat

We seek societies where all communities enjoy healthy, secure, productive lives and
resilient livelihoods