Key facts:

Project period: 2018
Nr. of beneficiaries: 500 direct beneficiaries, 4,000 indirect beneficiaries (community members)
Project area: Bungatira Subcounty (Gulu district)
Funded by: OXFAM
Coordinated and supervised by: OXFAM

Project objectives:

Goal: To contribute to improved access to productive resources (land, finance and water) and employment opportunities by women in Bungatira subcounty, Gulu district.

Objective 1: To increase knowledge of 4000 disadvantaged women and other community members about women rights to productive resources (land, finances and employment), available legal  instruments and the role of the state and various stake holders in defending women against all forms of exploitation, abuse and violence in Bungatira Subcounty by the end of 2018.

Objective 2: To build the capacity of 16 Women Rights Advocacy Groups (WRAG) on life skills and transformative leadership to be able to provide peer to peer rights and policy awareness and community engagements.

Objective 3: To empower 500 women with employable business and apprenticeship skills to engage in productive livelihood activities and fight against stigma and discrimination.

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