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Training of community volunteers

PACHEDO strives to improve the Maternal, Child Health and Nutrition both in the emergency and development contexts and focuses on rehabilitating the under-nourished children, improving Infant and Young Child Feeding (IYCF) practices, strengthening nutrition governance, promoting the consumption of diversified foods through household production and linkages to other actors within the project areas.

Using the “Proven to work” Care Group model and Positive Deviance/Hearth approaches, which are greatly dependent on community volunteers,  the Organization has been able to reach over 6,000 Households 35,000 beneficiaries with nutrition services  such as nutrition trainings, Care group sensitizations, Health and Nutrition Education, Community dialogues with Songs and Dramas, integrated outreaches, Radio talk shows and spot messages on nutrition, nutrition screening, referrals, support to District and Sub-County Nutrition Coordination meetings and establishment of home/backyard gardens among others through the Amuru Nutrition Improvement Project (ANIP) and the Promotion of Improved Nutrition (PIN) projects with support from Eleanor Crook Foundation and Johanniter International Assistance respectively.

Current projects

ProjectBeneficiariesProject area Funded by
Amuru Nutrition
5600 householdsPabbo
Eleanor Crook Foundation

Completed projects

ProjectBeneficiariesProject area Funded by
PIN – Promotion
of Improved
750 householdsPalabek refugee
Johanniter International

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