Cooking the way out of malnutrition with Amuru Nutrition Improvement Project (ANIP)

Globally, malnutrition has been responsible directly or indirectly, for over 50 percent of the 10.6 million deaths annually among children under five years of age. In Uganda, under nutrition accounts for 60% of child mortality.The Uganda Demographic and Health Survey, 2016 report indicates that 29% of children below five years of age are stunted, 4% wasted and 11 % underweight.

PACHEDO has been implementing ANIP since 2017 with the goal of reducing stunting levels in children in Pabbo Sub County. All households with pregnant women, lactating mothers and children below two years of age are targeted. PACHEDO is aiming to reach 15,587 beneficiaries consisting of 10,581 females and 5,006 males, and indirectly 54,733 beneficiaries consisting of 27,367 females and 27,367 males.

ANIP focuses on the first 1,000 days of a child’s life which is the critical window of opportunity when efforts to prevent malnutrition can yield the greatest impact. ANIP uses strategies of Enhancing technical capacity of Care Groups to provide nutrition services, increased utilization of ENAs (Essential Nutrition Action) and Care giving practices, and improved linkages and referrals to nutrition services.

This month, PACHEDO’s team, representatives from ESF and GOAL gathered for ANIP’s new activity of cooking demonstrations. The session held by the CARE group promoter with the aim of educating the CARE group volunteers about the different food groups and how to mix them together to make a high quality meal for their baby, all in an interactive way with questions and explanations. The women also practiced their new knowledge by cooking 3 nutritious recipes by steaming them with banana leaves to maintain the micronutrient in the food during the cooking. PACHEDO is looking forward for the next step where the trained women will gather their own neighbor women and pass on the knowledge, (care group model) for better nutritious future in Amuru District.


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