Participation in UWASNET Regional Election

UWASNET is the national coordinating umbrella of NGOs working in the water and sanitation sector. They are mandated and supported by the ministry of water and environment to collect data relating to the sector performance.
UWASNET has 10 regional coordinating offices in 10 existing regions namely; Central, mid-central, mid-eastern, Teso, Karamoja, Busoga, South Western, Rwenzori, West Nile, Lango and Acholi. Regional coordinators are UWASNET member organizations who are elected to coordinate WASH CSOs at regional level. They voluntarily take on the coordination role in partnership with the ministry of water and environment decentralized structures at regional level. Coordinating offices are elected after every 3 years and it was that time this day a new regional coordinating office had to be elected.
PACHEDO was nominated for the position of regional coordinator Acholi and Lango together with world vison international. The WASH Engineer represented PACHEDO and Cluster coordinator, Gulu cluster represented world vision. The two giant organisations went head to head in a 2 minutes’ standing verbal campaign and later a 5-minute interactive question and answer session with the 23 participants. Elections were carried out and World vision international emerged winner to become the coordinating office and will be for the next 3 years running.
Our participation was made possible by the generous support from the Neptune water price awarded to PACHEDO through Horizont3000. It ensured that we paid our UWASNET subscription fees which was one of the critical requirements for qualification. We as PACHEDO have the capacity in terms of technical resources, premises and financing.
Our motivation in being the coordinating office is that we are able to expand our territories by being at the center of the coordination in the entire region. We also want to exploit the networks which we already established with both national and international partners to merge it with the local partnerships created. This will influence coordination and bridge the gaps existing in the coordination minefield.


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