Sanitation Week and World Water Day celebrations 2019 in Gulu

PACHEDO joined hands with the district to commemorate World Water day in Gulu in March 2019.

The activities commenced on 25 March with the launch of sanitation week. To raise awareness for the importance of sanitation, officials from the water office and development partners marched through Gulu town. The march was led by the UPDF brass band and school children. The march ended at Gulu main market, where speeches were held about water and sanitation. The day ended with a symbolic cleanup of the market, to show that sanitation and waste management are topics of concern for all of us and that everyone should contribute his/her part to make Gulu a clean and healthy environment to live in.

The commemoration of World Water Day on 29 March marked the end and highlight of this year’s Sanitation Week. The ceremony took place in Palaro sub-county, where the local community had constructed new sanitation facilities which were proudly showcased at the event. The schedule included speeches by politicians, development partners and district officials as well as music and dance. Local leaders with model households were awarded for their efforts in home improvement. Finally various development partner’s contributions towards improved WASH services were acknowledged by Gulu distict with a certificate of appreciation. PACHEDO was among those who received such a certificate.


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