WASH up project

The project is focused on improving the Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) situation for children and youth in 24 primary, secondary and vocational schools and in the communities surrounding these schools.

Project period: 2016-2018

Nr. of beneficiaries: 18,000 (8,400 students and 9,600 community members)

Project area: Awach; Bungatira; Pece Division in Gulu district and Bala in Kole district

Funded by: Dreikönigsaktion and  City of Vienna

Coordinated and supervised by: HORIZONT3000

Project objectives:

Goal: To contribute to a WASH friendly environment in Schools and associated HHs of the project target districts through children and youth as agents of change by 2018.

Objective 1: To enhance awareness that will promote positive Water chain, Sanitation and hygiene behaviors for improved School retention and child health among 8,400 School going Children and youths in the 24 project target Schools by the end of the project.

Objective 2: To build the capacity of the school management structures and households to improve the water and sanitation infrastructure in the 24 project target schools by the end of 2018.

Objective 3: To advocate and lobby with the government systems to monitor, prioritize and expand the WASH services in the 4 project target sub counties by the end of 2018

The project has three components:

  1. Awareness raising
    Campaign on hand washing with soap; basic sanitation (Safe excreta disposal and waste management); Menstrual Hygiene Management and safe water chain
  2. Capacity building and infrastructure improvement
    The project develops the knowledge and skills of handpump mechanics to address gaps in O&M (Operation and Maintenance) of WASH facilities. This is also a livelihood strategy as the trained
    mechanics are able to gain income by repairing handpumps in the area. To provide the children
    with adequate infrastructure which enables behavior change the project rehabilitates school WASH infrastructure.
  3. Consultancy and Lobbying
    This focused at the formation of synergies with key WASH sector stakeholders (e.g. local government extension team, local leaders, community members etc.) to create a WASH friendly community. Key activities are community assemblies and facilitating a dialogue between the local population and the district officials. Through this component, PACHEDO strengthens the rights of the communities and increases the demand for WASH services.

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