PIN – Promotion of Improved Nutrition

The Promotion of Improved Nutrition (PIN) project in Palabek Refugee settlement is implemented in Lamwo district. It is an integrated emergency response to health, nutrition and livelihoods challenges of vulnerable households in Palabek Ogili settlement and the host communities.

Key facts

Project period: 2018 (6 months)
Nr. of beneficiaries: 750 households
Project area: Palabek Refugee Settlement (Lamwo district)
Funded by: Johanniter International
Coordinated and supervised by: Johanniter International

Project objectives

Goal: Prevent malnutrition among children between 059 months in Palabek refugee settlement

Objective 1: Caregivers in Palabek settlement acquire adequate knowledge on improved nutrition for children 059 months.

Objective 2: Improved livelihood status of refugee and host households

Objective 3: Reduced burden of WASH related diseases in children 059 months.