On 18th of April Gulu district celebrated the World Water Day in Acutumer village. PACHEDO was actively involved organising the event. These activities were conducted as a part of the WASH up project.

Safe water, hygiene and sanitation are very closely related: A lack of water makes it very difficult to maintain good hygiene; poor hygiene and sanitation are main reasons for the contamination of drinking water in the household. For communities to live in a healthy environment all three aspects have to be tackled together. Therefore Sanitation Week, which preceded Water Day was organised to raise awareness for all aspects of maintaining a clean and healthy environment. During this week 2 radio talkshows were aired and school health clubs across the district were encouraged to organise WASH awareness activities in their schools.

The Water Day was celebrated in Acutumer village. This venue was chosen, because the local community has been exemplary in improving their hygiene and sanitation situation in the recent years. Most households have toilets, bath shelters, drying racks and handwashing facilities all in place. Visiting their village for such an important event like World Water Day is a way of showing appreciation and encouraging them to continue with the good progress.

The celebration was attended by the local community, pupils of the nearby schools and a number of political leaders, government representatives and development partners. During the celebration of World water day, school children performed dances, poems and songs to raise awareness for WASH within the community, and many motivating speeches were held to call upon all stakeholders to join forces to improve the WASH situation in the district.

Big crowds were gathered around the stalls when PACHEDO and NWSC presented some tools and technologies. We presented a water filter for treatment of drinking water, which can be used by households or institutions to ensure a safe water chain. Also on display were information, education and communication (IEC) materials to promote handwashing, such as the posters explaining how to build a tippy tap and how to properly wash your hands.


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