PACHEDO and Peace Corps empower CSPs with skills of making Re-usable pads for menstrual hygiene management

Menstrual hygiene management is a major concern among young adolescent school going girls usually of lower and upper primary. PACHEDO team together with peace corps technical adviser to PACHEDO trained 8 community sanitation promoters with the skills of making Re-usable pads for menstrual hygiene management among the young school going children.

In a study conducted by PACHEDO (community health diagnosis), girls miss school days more than boys due to poor menstrual hygiene management, because a lot of myths are attached to menstruation girls tend to shy away when they reach this critical period and with poor guidance, counselling and education on the subject end up with poor performance, dropping out of school, and early marriage.

The community sanitation promoters  are a structure formed by PACHEDO and their role is to go down to schools and communities training school going children (both boys and girls) on basic WaSH interventions. this has given a deeper reach to the communities and close interaction with the project direct beneficiaries and ensuring greater sustainability of the project.

better menstrual management has helped girls gain more confidence and comfort among their friends and male counterparts at school, diseases related to poor MHM has also reduced giving girls more time at school and better retention leading to better academic grades.


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